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    • aceninesuited
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      I have a query about the ID check system you impliment. I completed the quiz 2 days ago and set up a new account at Full Tilt Poker. I was then asked by email to send my ID and I sent the following email to

      ""I recently completed your online quiz in order to claim 50 dollars starting capitol from Full Tilt Poker. I am prepared to send a scan of my driving licence as proof of my identification, however there is some sensitive data contained within it which I am sure you will understand I am a little weary of giving out to anyone. If you would allow me to blank out this information:
      - photo of myself
      - signature
      - what vehicles I am licenced to drive
      I would be more than happy to send you the information that you require.""

      I also sent a ticket asking the same thing but recieved no reply. In the absence of this, can an administrator please answer my query a.s.a.p.


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    • SoyCD
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      Hello aceninesuited,

      You can in fact black out sensitive information that is not relevant for the ID check (such as your signature, vehicles, etc). I am not sure about the photo though. I believe this is usually left un-edited due to completeness reasons. Important are of course things such as date of birth, name, and any other information you entered on the site.

      For a more concrete answer you would have to wait for the security team though.

      Best regards