Got the bonus. Can I also play Blackjack with it?

    • SlevinSlide
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      A Happy New Year to everyone! And lots of Royal Flushes! :D

      Hope someone can help me out a bit. I fancy playing Blackjack, from time to time, and I was wondering: can i use the PokerStrategy bonus for that, too?

      Thanks in advance!
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    • darkonebg
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      What do you think?
      Is this site called blackjackstrategy ?
      You have to realise that the purpose of this site is that you can make money by playing a game where you have an edge.
      That is never the case with online blackjack.
    • SlevinSlide
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      Ok, mate, thanks. I just thought of a post I read one week ago, about a guy that lost the bonus playing poker and some casino games. So, I wanted to know whether it's fine or not.
    • IPlayBad
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      In casino games you can`t win, you can just lose.
      Of course you can get lucky and win some money, but that`s not very smart.
    • viewer88
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      You can use the money for blackjack, a friend of mine lost his entire 82$ roll on it btw :p

      Imo it's stupid to play blackjack, it's a game you can never win longterm. I dont see the point to play games you cant win. + it's lame :p
    • borisbol
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      but i think u can play BJ but u can earn the point for the next bonus... and u will lose all.. try to play poker and u will win if u read all article on this site!
      happy new year u 2
    • SalamiandCheese
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      Blackjack is just plain -EV. Same with all the casino games. If you want to have fun in Vegas then that's another thing.

      Play poker, stick to bankroll management, and you should have a nice hobby that you can make a couple bucks with and more if you're lucky. :D
    • justkyle88
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      Well really use the money how you wish.
      But by playing blackjack or casino games,
      You won't gain Pokerstrategy points, you won't learn or get any better at poker and you will more than likely loss your $50.
    • guidpinke
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      I always play live,but now I want to play on online!
    • Reanimater
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 148 has blackjack integrated into their poker software.

      however it is not a nice idea to play blackjack unless you get a casino cashout bonus.

      with the cashout bonuses you can play your bonus amount, be on the safe side.

      then when you loose your bonus amount, you forfeit your bonus and you start playing poker :D

      but you have a 40% chance to double up, keep the winnings and still forfeit your bonus