• chrisgroen
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      I got a new account. from strategy and when i get a email that my bonus is arrive i wanna log in. Than she blocked my account. For securitieresson but i think its not nice from them. Now i poker by pokerstars and partypoker and also vy unibet thank god hhHh
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    • DamjanD
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      Same problem here. Got my $10, played for a week or so, got to about $25 then my account got locked.
      I wrote to and got a response that my account is locked for security reasons and I need to verify it by sending two documents.
      I sent a copy of the ID card and my recent phone bill to, and got a response that they received the documents but cannot verify because my account is not activated.
      "To activate an account a payment method is required to be registered and a successful deposit made."
      So I wrote to help again asking how the intend to fix the problem of:
      I can't login because my account is not verified -> My account can't be verified because I have not deposited (a deposit was made by -> I can't deposit because I can't login -> I can't login because ...

      Their response was to call the support number.

      I responded by saying that I do not intend to make a phone call to England just to solve this. Is there a way to do it by email.

      They responded the phone call is the only way.

      Now what security reason can there bi that a phone conversation might resolve which a ID card and a recent utility bill cannot? I don't get it. I already spent more time on this problem then it's worth and I don't intend to spend money to do it either.

      I urge members not to open your accounts at coralpoker and I urge admins not to send invites to open account with bonuses that get locked.