Hud not working after Systemrecovery

    • Exnp100
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      i really have to say i hate the HM2 Support! I regisztered in their forum and i cannot post anything since 2 days. I have to be activated until i am allowed to post anything in their forum, seems to be great support.

      Well, my problem is, i cannot see any hud on my tables. My hands are getting imported and i can see my graphs and active session etc. but still no hud on the tables. I tried everything, i reinstalled HM2 i made a new database, i reinstalled my pokerstars client completly.
      I ran out of any ideas.

      I just did a Systemrecovery and set my system 2 days back, because my Holdemmanager startet and had an error to find my postgressql server and coultn connect at all. So i just set the system back which worked fine for 1 day and now nothing works.

      How can i fix this?
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