[NL20-NL50] NL50 SH : AA vs fish : play river ?

    • Pascal444
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      CO : 48/5/1.5/29/95 hands
      Play river ? bet/fold ? check/fold ? check/call ? other ...

      $0.25/$0.5 No Limit Holdem
      6 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      Hero (UTG) ($50.00)
      UTG+1 ($101.65)
      CO ($63.58)
      BTN ($106.58)
      SB ($50.25)
      BB ($50.00)

      Pre-flop: ($0.75, 6 players) Hero is UTG A:heart: A:spade:
      Hero raises to $2, 1 fold, CO calls $2, BTN calls $2, 2 folds

      Flop: 2:heart: 8:spade: 8:heart: ($6.75, 3 players)
      Hero bets $4, CO calls $4, BTN folds

      Turn: 6:spade: ($14.75, 2 players)
      Hero bets $8, CO calls $8

      River: 7:heart: ($30.75, 2 players)
      Hero ??
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    • mrjorisa
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      I'd prefer a bet/fold to strong raise on river as opposed to check/call. By checking to him you'll lose a lot of value from his pocket pairs if he checks behind and you'll face a difficult decision if he shoves into you or makes a big Pot bet.

      I'd go with maybe about $18 on the river and fold to a shove.
    • Kaitz20
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      To avoid that decisions bet 6$ on the flop, 11$ on the turn and if he still continues then you can shove river.
      Sometimes he has here flush, but sometimes also some pp which he migth call- but pot is too big to c/f.
      Here you can make 12-15$ bet and fold to shove it is probably the best option, since if you check then he´d mostly check back his middle pp-s and if he bets big you should fold.