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    • finchybg
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      Yesterday I registered at Ladbrokes.com through pokerstrategy. Several hours later I tried to log into my account in order to deposit money and I got the message "Your account is locked out of system".
      What could be the reason and can pokerstrategy assist me in recovering my account because I have done nothing against the rules. I've written to support but it's 24 hours already and I have no reply.
      username and alias are finchybg
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    • NRGBlaze
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      I think that they do not accept members from Bulgaria. :(
      I tried to register in the casino last year and had the same problem
    • nvelev
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      They locked my account too and this is kind of a normal for Bulgarian users.
      You have to send them a photo of your ID card and an utility bill / bank statement with your address on it. (M-tel / Globul works too) and they will unlock it in like 1 hour.

      btw finchy - you already play in ladbrokes poker ? If yes how many hands you played and what limit?
    • finchybg
      Joined: 16.12.2007 Posts: 910
      Hi :)
      I've sent the documentation on the 4th of January and they instantly unlocked my account.
      Playing NL50 SH, 6 tabling, I guess like 8k hands.
      Currently I am in the 500$ zone in the rake race but I'm catching up ;)
    • tehChipDonk
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      my account is locked as well, it's my first account in Ladbrokes. i loaded $500 into it too, while i was playing 8 tables then suddenly the software crashed and when i tried to relog it says "your account has been locked out of the system", I've contacted Live support, she said, she can't help me with this matter. I've also email their support and they haven't replied. ID check might be the thing, since even Full Tilt requested my IDs, BUT, Ladbrokes hasn't send me anything about IDs. btw, I'm from Canada.