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Defending blinds at micros

    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,155
      This thread: 5589ds raised an interesting topic. At higher stakes regs defend blinds with wide ranges. At micros, where the rake is higher and folding equity less, how to approach blind defense? You can't defend blinds as much as in less-raked games, but where is the borderline?

      Of course it depends a lot how much edge you have to your opponent postflop.

      A problem is also the fact that we probably don't have anyone with really good postflop skills having a big sample size of hands. So we just have to discuss in theory.
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    • MariuSatz
      Joined: 30.06.2014 Posts: 289
      I think u dont have to defend tighter at microstakes.

      1. Who is the openraise, when he is tight i defend most of the time any 4 cards.
      2. Is the guy openraise a lot of hands, i defend pretty tight.

      the fact that we dont have a big sample size of hands isnt relevant at the micros in my opinion. After the first 20-30 hands u what kind of player he is. They dont mixed up there games, so its pretty easy so exploit theme with good postflopskills
    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,155
      Sample size referred to fact that we can't get any reliable stats about different styles. How good winrate can be achieved from SB or BB with tightish ranges, and how good with wider ranges?

      And of course one aspect of this discussion is how wide is "wide". When reg opens from the BTN, what is "tight" or "wide" range for calling/3betting? Is 35% defending range tight or wide?
    • Ephedrine10
      Joined: 12.02.2014 Posts: 420
      For me, defending the BB (always action closing-so there was lo limps pre):
      against SB open : around 90%
      against BTN open minraise :40-50%
      2,5x :30-40%
      3x: 25-30%
      pot: 20-25%
      When SB comes along as well, I try to select hands with concentrated Equity( like 667Tss and not T764ss). And my ranges become tighter like -5%.

      against CO/MP/UTG- it depends on how wide that range is (for someone UTG RFI is 30% and for another player CO RFI is 25%...) obviously the tighter the range the tighter I'd defend (or 3bet).
      Regarding no. of opponents for example against UTG open-everyone folds-I'd defend 4567ss coz it will be HU, but would fold QQT2r. If UTG opens and 2 more guys coldcalls, then I'd fold 4567ss and call QQT2r. However I'm sure that in hand rankings (which ignore playability) QQT2r is ranked much higher than 4567ss. So often when deciding whether to defend, it is a function of the situation (or the situation that will arise postflop) if I choose to defend or not. And this "what situation is going to rise" is highly dependent on the player(s) U play against. If for ex. I know that opp is mainiac who will pot-pot-pot no matter what comes, than defending TT23r is viable even HU.
      Defending the SB
      IMO we can't really talk about "SB defend" at micros, coz if ther was an open before, the odds u get, does not differ from the odds u would get if u sat for example on the BTN or CO. This is true especially if openraise is 3BB or pot and at PLO25 where SB is 0,4BB instead of 0,5. And u will not close the action, and u will have the worst position (hard to get value, hard to bluff correctly). That said I often interpret the situation when in SB that "I would have to pay the whole open size"-coz the difference doesn't count that much. Take this with a grain of salt of course, but I hope u guys see what I mean. So I don't defend more than 20% from SB (and even this 20% is against opponents I have a clear edge against. But same principle applies : U would like to have concetrated Equity, because it is easier to play that from OOP than like a raggedy 2 pair or weak pair+draw hands.
    • zagarese
      Joined: 29.04.2009 Posts: 39
      I'd think it's more a matter of how to defend than frequency.

      I defend by flatting my BB more often at the lower stakes and defend by 3betting more often at higher stakes.
    • ZakYoun270
      Joined: 10.12.2015 Posts: 130
      ephedrine... wow. that was a great post.