PokerStars Security - Cashout Cancelled

    • husky333
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      I requested a cash out after 2 weeks of making a deposit and I can't believe I got this email below. I requested to cash out only a part of my initial deposit and still left some money there on the account so I can continue playing.
      Maybe next time I should wait like 6 months to get my money back :D :D

      Your recent cashout has been cancelled and the funds returned to your PokerStars account.

      Could you please explain why you wish to withdraw your funds immediately after making a deposit?

      PokerStars has an obligation to understand the reason for the movement of money on our site. We need to know this information so that we can comply with relevant rules and regulations on money laundering.

      Your recent deposit and subsequent withdrawal is unusual, because we are not a bank or a money transferring service - instead, we provide online poker games. Unusual deposit and cash out patterns require us to learn more about the situation.

      We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


      PokerStars Security Team
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