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      Oh, hello there

      It took me a while to get to my first post. Roughly 7 months, more or less... I think It's like playing a new game in multiplayer mode- you want to make sure that you have at least a clue as to what you're doing before you leave singplayer mode. At least that's how I usually end up doing things, I'm the "turtle" in RTS-games.

      I started playing poker with friends a few years ago and never put much time into it. I opened up a PS account and started playing a few micro stakes tournaments, about the same time as I started working security at a casino.. ^^
      Gamble responsibly folks. Do not gamble for more than you can afford. Always set up a budget and never borrow money for gambling. :f_thumbsup:

      The main issue has always been how to transfer from a recreational player and start taking poker more seriously. These times I almost wish I'd never played a hand before, so that I could start learning "from scratch" in an ABC-kinda way. At university, you often progress by taking course A, passing it and continuing on with course B...C etc. With poker, first off I'm not sure where I am skill-wise, nor where I should begin learning or even what I "need to know" to move on to the next stage.

      So, I figure the best plan is to start learn from others and participate a bit more on forums like these. I'll probably follow up with a blog or something similiar to better track my learning and results development.

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      Hello Vaalea,

      Welcome to the Forums :f_thumbsup:

      Where are you from? In fact, why don't you get yourself added to our Member map. You never know, the nearest PokerStrategist may live right next door. :f_p:
      What ever your skill level PokerStrategy has lots of great articles and forums to help make you make the most of your game.
      A good place to start is NL Beginners Course - Overview
      PokerStrategy also host a great video tutorial section for many different games and strategies found here
      Though out the year there are many challenges where you can win status upgrades and other prizes.
      There is also a TaF (Tell a Friend) promotion which will reward you money to help build your bank roll or buy tools with!
      Here are a few pages you may find helpful.
      5-point plan: From break-even grinder to winning player.
      perfect intro to multi tabling.

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
      Good luck at the tables.