2nd place in 12500$ GTD R/A on Mansion Poker

    • pokergummz
      Joined: 03.12.2007 Posts: 25
      Hey guys, I just made the biggest cash in MTT of my poker career:)

      I came in 2nd in the 12500 GTD R/A on Mansion, 1300 ppl were in it and I lost heads up with JJ against AQ, he flopped an ace:(

      But I´m really pleased with how well I did and it sure is a boost to my 200 dollar bankroll! I cashed for 2200 bucks:)

      I think I will move up to NL 25 now and move up in SNG´s:)
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    • mrjorisa
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      congrats! :) do post your success in the 1mil in 1year thread. Great boost to your br there. GL moving up the limits
    • fun101rockets
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      congrats mtts always help boost your BR
    • bkbart
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      congrats on the wicked win that must feel good... but remember that just because you have a bigger bankroll doesnt mean that you are a better cash game player. You can overcome the bigger variance according to the bigger stakes but it will be harder to be a positive player at higher limits. I agree that you can move up but be careful.

      Good luck
    • Ami2
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      amazing, how did you do it?
    • pokergummz
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      Well, these MTT tournaments are really long so you have to be up for the challenge. You dont want to be tired or anything like that:P
      I was feeling good and played my best game!
      I was able to build a nice chipstack in the early stages and was amongst the chipleaders early, I basically waited for big hands because there were so many loose players that rebought many times..so I just waited and busted them:)

      And it just went on and on, I played solid but made few good bluffs and got myself in big all ins with the best hand, I got AA for the first time late in the tournament which secured me a good spot in the top and I just went on from there!
      And on the final table I was TAG but I used my position very well also! I was really unlucky when I had AA on the final table and my opponent had KK, it was a huuge pot and he hit the K:( After that I was one of the shortstacks but I was able to gain my chips back and get on the right track:)
      And when I reached HU i had JJ in the first hand and ofcourse I got it all in:)
      but he got lucky with AQ:(