An epic bad run, just wanna quit poker seriously

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      Hello guys, I want you to look at this and tell me, what is wrong with me.

      I'm a 9 man SnG player. Started last monday, playing everyday around 20-30 SnG's, making around 3$ a day, one day 5$, sometimes having a bad run, but after some play evening it out and keeping it okay, making 19$ from monday to friday and then this saturday just comes. What I posted is my graph for since saturday until today, playing 18 SnG's today, and 120 over the weekend + today. Straight 3 days I'm getting variance which is laughter through tears. Saturday aces cracked 6 times shoving preflop, 3 of them by 22+. Sunday started off making 6$ and then bam played for the day to see myself break-even, until in the end of the day, where I see myself losing -1$, again with the most losses happening from dominated hands like AK vs K7 and so on. Today I broke my record, 8/10 Ax hands were cracked by dominated aces and in other cases where I was dominated, I never sucked out (this last thing doesn't count toward the record, but still). Having all this, the graph doesn't account for the KK I had run in to AA, which happened a lot over the weekend, of course including QQ against KK and so on. All in all, instead of having a nice 18$ profit, or at least 15$ after having played 278 SnG's, today I ended up with a poor 5.19$ with an ROI of 2.19%. I mean, I do play normal poker, always fold my queens and AK on reraises early against unknowns, play tight, watch for limpers to isolate with high/semi-high aces or premium hands, depending on players and have my smallraise/fold-smallraise/call ranges for bubble situations, which brought me profit until friday and then just BAM, I start to reconsider my plays again and again, thus wanting to deviate from the strategies, but I don't. I watch Collin's live play videos and what I see there is basically the same stuff I do, even when watching the videos I look at the hands and tell in my mind how will he play it and I'm correct 90% of the time. I mean I'm not a bad player, much better than the average at my stakes, but if 2% is the most what you can get from being a decent playerat some level, I really don't understand how is normal profit is made. I mean at this rate i'll go up stakes in half a year at it's best, but it's kinda frustrating when you think that you have at least 50 hours a week playing to get a poor 5$. I know this is a long crying scene you all have seen a lot of times and I should do decisions only after 1k SnGs, but NOT considering all I have told, maybe I have a HUGE leak, where I'm playing too tight in some situations and this builds up my All-In Equity line, because I am lacking those suckouts from mandatory loose shoves and so? I really wan't to find this out faster, because this is getting frustrating. Thank you for reading this and I hope for the best of answers.
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