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Won a digital prize on Titan

    • Xlaxify
      Joined: 10.07.2008 Posts: 2
      I was playing this New Depositors Freeroll on Titan where only the winner gets a prize, but one worth up to $600, which I managed to win just a few hours ago. Cost me about three hours of play, but I finally prevailed over 200 other participants. Even though I'm an amateur myself, and with all due respect to my opponents, I haven't seen one decent player among them. The first few hands, about 9 people were knocked out of the tourney. Even at the final table I've seen people cold-calling all-in with QJ off-suit. When I was playing HU, I was outstacked 5:1, and losing a small pot to me was enough to make my opponent tilt. Eventually I won a coinflip and took the lead with 300k chips over his 140k (blinds 5k/10k). He then just started pushing every hand, so I waited until I got TT and called his K4, made a full house and that was the end of it.

      All good and well, I've decided to not play for PS3 or laptop and just take my prize since I'm not a regular player and it's already a miracle that I won. Online support promised to call me within 48 hours to confirm my prize choice and clarify some details. But until then, I'd just like to know if anyone has won any hardware prizes, perhaps even the same tournament on Titan, and if anyone knows how delivery works. I live in Belgium, and I think I'll have to pay taxes for that prize when it's sent into my country...
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    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      Talk to a customs agent in your country about tax payed for your prize. You can be ripped off in customs if not well informed.

      I live in central america and use a PO Box in Miami to to order stuff from the US. Usually I am not charged import tax for small packages like say $-300 but sometimes it happens. If agent hasnt a clue, I can be over charged.