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badk1tty plays No Limit Hold'em

    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      First, a short welcome text. No, it's not from me, I am stupid, don't you know? It's from the awesome US metal band Savatage. Goes like this (please read, it's awesome!):
      The lights come on
      The set is down
      The curtain's flown away
      To all you creatures of the night
      I say it's time we play

      We'll show you things
      That in your life
      You'd never dreamed you'd know
      So now before the ghosts arrive
      It's welcome to the show

      Minstrels, kings, explorers
      Fantasies on order
      Ghosts and dreams awakened
      Stories long forsakened

      The minstrel and the sorcerer
      Are switching their disguise
      The jester drinks and starts to think
      That he alone is wise

      The governor and journalist
      Exchange a Judas kiss
      And now before the song is done
      The plot begins to twist

      Ghosts and lost explorers
      Fate with all her daughters
      Saints and hopeless sinners
      Wise men in their winters

      Welcome to the show
      Welcome to the show!

      All right, this is out of the way. I can now introduce myself. Or not? Real names suck anyway. But I am Georgi, nice to meet you.
      My poker background is… Non existing, actually. I used to play 5-6 years ago, I reached NL50, was break even on it for about 10000 hands (basically nothing, I know), I got bored, I cashed out my bank of around $1400 then and I quit poker. As I thought for good.
      I was beating NL25 at the time. To a point where it was not fun anymore, like 12 bb/100 hands over 40000 hands. But I never played for money, I never needed poker money to sustain my life standards. It has always been a hobby and when it got boring I thought I'd never play it again.
      TBH, I have no idea what I did to beat NL25 back then, I'd give a lot of money to know, as now I suck so hard, it's unreal. I won't be surprised if you don't believe me and say I'm making it all up.
      I don't know how and why but a month ago I suddenly decided to play. I was at work (I will play only during work, hehehe), cleaning and throwing away old useless things one day. Back in the day I had printed The Poker Mindset but never actually read the whole of it. So I decided to read it. Even though it's a short book it doesn't read fast for me. It's because it's full of new information that I had to swallow and swallow it hard. The info was that I am a lazy, procrastinating stupid arrogant retard who has everything he could possibly want in life yet does 0 with the opportunities he has by pure luck. You can read that again. Let it sink in, maybe it's the same for you.
      This book took me back in time, when I was playing. The book has every flow in my way of thinking and processing information that exists. Like, literally, everything. Every tilt, the lack of motivation, fear of playing, reluctance to study – you name it, it's there.
      So I though “No, this is not happening, I am starting to play again and I will do my best!”. So far so good, isn't it?
      The bad news was that I have 0 skill. It's like I never played. Even worse, like I only kept the bad habits from the past and none of the good. It's probably likely that the good traits were never actually habits but were still being learned. All of the learning process is in the book as well. Do yourself a favor and read it 5-10 times. It's so much fun, so much fun indeed.
      I also read Fooled by randomness. This is also an awesome book that made me realize that whatever you do, no matter how small the chance of things not going your way, it will eventually happen. After the money's in the pot, variance has the last word.
      A couple of days ago I read Treat your poker like a business. I was blown away. I never realized how good I am having it. This dude, Dusty Schmidt, suffered a heart attack at 23 years, got abandoned by his closest family (I don't know why, I can't judge if they are bastards or he did something wrong towards them) yet he managed to recuperate and become the sickest grinder of all time.
      So from his advices I coined my plan. It is as follows.
      Leatherass advocates extremely conservative approach to bankrolls, precisely 100 buy ins for a limit. This is obviously an overkill for the micros. I have now like a 50 BI for NL2 but in the stars account it's like $50 so I will go with that. I can deposit way more but that wouldn't be fun, now, would it? It will be way sweeter to make some money from no money while having fun.

      Game time vs learning time.
      Leatherass suggests 80% game time and 20% learning time. If your game is in bad shape though, go for 50 – 50. I will start with 50 – 50 cause I am a real donkey nowadays.
      Like, this guy, betting three streets in me, he's a fish, look at him, 63/7, what can he have, I got TP, have to look him up, oh, surprise, he picked two pairs on the turn and I just blew half a stack, hehehe.
      Time will be divided like this (this is because of work hours):
      Monday – 225 minutes for poker, Tuesday – 300 minutes, Wednesday – 225 minutes, Thursday and Friday – 300 minutes each, Saturday – like 300 minutes study day, for in – depth session review and database analysis. Not that I can do one but I hope to pick the skills along the way.
      I have no idea how many hands per week this will translate into. Not much for start, that's for sure. I think I am comfortable with 6 tables. I tried to play 12+, I play like a monkey, I stack too light because of time pressure and I suck donkey dick. So I will start with 6 fish infested tables, see how that goes.
      I know you guys and girls are suckers for graphs so I will share mine. Not impressive at all but I am willing to do what it takes and make that green line go upward at 45 degrees.

      Something more. I am doing some physical sports as well.
      I wish I could call it Muay Thai as this is my favorite fighting sport and I just love everything about it. But I can't call it that.
      Because my trainings are not the traditional Muay Thai. I do not do the Thai clinch and elbows because come on, those hits enter even through the tightest guard and are crushing. And people here don't like to be hugged with another sweaty male who is trying to yank your neck and knee you repeatedly in the stomach area.
      But what I do is conditioning, I do combinations punches and knees with 1 kg weights for like 10 rounds, preceded by pushups and cardio. And some running, core training, calisthenics, etc.
      I sometimes do sparring sessions that look like US kickbox. Or with pure boxers but this is so stupid for me as I do use punches but in order to set up a low kick or a body kick or a knee and when I can't do that I suck at fighting and get jacked up. Good thing I have loads of protectors including the head gear that I was made of for having.
      I am now doing some calorie deficit to cut body fat to around 10% hopefully. It's way harder than I thought it would be but my point is different.
      Would it be of interest to you, as a reader, to read about this other hobby of mine or should I stick to poker?
      I can give some food advice, some thoughts on training. Not that I am a good fighter or I have some sick endurance. I don't. But I enjoy doing it and it would be fun to share it with some people.
      This is it for the longest start of blogs, I suppose.
      I will try to hit the tables sometime later today.
      Gl hf!
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,174
      Hey Georgi,

      Welcome to :welcome:

      Wow. That is one epic first post. :appl: Where are you from? In fact, why don't you get yourself added to our Member map. You never know, the nearest PokerStrategist may live right next door. :f_p:

      Don't forget to check out our bonus offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool as well as opening up more strategy and videos.

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      Have fun :gl:

    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      Since Friday I managed to play around 5000 hands.
      A graph:

      I also watched a couple of videos from the site. How to play AQ and Aj and AT and middle pocket pairs.
      For the game... I don't know, I feel like sometimes I am bashing my head against a wall. I am consciously trying to avoid stupid things. For the most part I think I succeed. Yet it doesn't show in the graph, hehe.
      If there's a good thing it is that I don't feel angry or carried away when playing, no autopilot. This has to be due to the less tables I am playing, around 7-8.
      I will stick to the plan from a video by bonecore I think. It was pretty simple:
      - bet when you have a hand
      - check when you don't
      - small pots oop, big pots ip
      It's fun to play, even if I don't make any profit yet. So I won't stop.
      Sometimes I feel like it's just something very simple that's missing from the game, some detail to make it all click and translate into a better, more solid play. However due to my sharply limited knowledge, I miss it. When I review big losing/winning hands, I can't point it. Oh, well.
      Everything will be fine.
      Gl hf gg, beautiful people!
    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      Let me see, what's been going on with me.
      I watched and rewatched the KTU series here on the site on how to play certain hands. And wow, I found out I've been playing all hand groups wrong. No surprise, lel.
      So I am trying to play as advised in order to make my life easier. When I do play as recommended, it's all fun and jokes. When I try to do something different (by different I mean retarded), I screw up.
      So I should just stick to the basics.
      Today I played around 2000 hands. I think my sweet spot for tables is 7. Less feels sluggish, more feels overwhelming. So I will stick to seven for now.
      I think I tilted at some point. I even remember the hand. And when I was thinking of calling an all in, I had the thought in my mind "There is no way you're ahead here vs two, no way with on open-ender!". Yet I called and I had 20% equity and lost the hand, of course.
      I also did some other stupid things. But I noted them and I will try to chisel them out of my game.
      I have no idea why but I am having so much fun playing. I've never played poker with such desire. No motivational issues at all.

      There's this checklist from the book Treat your poker like a business. It goes like this.
      1. how well you played overall
      2. quality of thinking
      3. quality of decisions
      4. number and size of mistakes
      5. quality of focus
      6. length of time spend playing well
      7. length of the session
      8. ability to manage emotions
      9. ability to work through a tough mental or emotional spot

      For today I can give myself (from 1 worst to 10 best)
      1. 6 2. 5 3. 5 4. don't know number but size was big! 5. 6 6. probably like 2/3 7. first was hour and 15, second was two hours 8. 5 9. 10 - after I messed up, I recognized it and was conscious and trying to not do it again.

      Please, please, someone tell me, how to review a session? This would be of tremendous help and I have no idea how to actually do it.

      Thank you in advance and gl hf!
    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      So, what's been going on...
      Poker graph:

      My thoughts on gaming:
      I watched the KTU videos on beginners' strategy.
      It was amazing, every hand category now is structured. I have a basic plan for almost all situations with hands. I can play and know if I can go for one, two, three value bets, fold vs aggression, etc. I know, for someone more experienced I might sound like a guy with Down syndrome, stating the obvious. But I consider myself a complete beginner now so, excuse my rant. :)
      I am experimenting with session time. Yesterday I played 3 sessions, each around an hour, on 6-7-8 tables. It was nice, I was able to play concentrated and I could think on the situations with a clear mind. I am not claiming I played with some perfection but I was able to clearly think on the game which is a huge improvement.
      But I was wasted at the end, my head was pulsating, I had a blurry vision. Even though in the breaks I did some stretches and non poker related stuff it still ended like this.
      I will try to play longer, like 10 minutes more next time for two sessions, see how that goes.

      I try to table select, if a table's VPIP in HEM2 drops below 20, I quit it and look for another one. On NL2 it's kinda easy, lel.

      Some thoughts on mentality. It's funny how my brain reacts to the game. I am perfectly fine when I lose a hand where I am say 60:40 ahead, I just brush it off even if it's a full stack, I don't mind. But when I lose a hand where I am 91:9, I feel like I've been cheated.
      I know it's wrong to think so and when the money goes in and the cards are shown, no matter the odds, it's up to variance to decide the winner and the 9% guy has to win 1 in 10 times so when the one time happens I should not feel bad. I am actively trying to get rid of this feeling, I can point the cause of it so it shouldn't take too long.
      But it's still a funny sensation when it happens.

      I bought myself new boxing gloves (yay aliexpress!) and they arrived. Pretty comfortable and good looking. I've had my baby jag car repaired so I can now even go and do some training. There is a kickboxing club near where I work so I think I will give it a go next week.
      I am excited about it.
      I did some light running those couple of days, like 30-35 minutes each time, for 6.5 km. This is so boring, even in the park. I prefer to skip a rope at home...
      But I think after a few weeks experimenting with calories, I found out the number at which I can lose bodyfat, it stands for 1500 calories for me. Which is weird because I weigh 79 kg now and should be a much higher number. But I tried with 1800 calories and training, no fat loss, I reduced to 1650, not that much of a change. At 1500 calories I feel tired and not much energetic which is a sure sign of caloric deficit. So I am taking my vitamins, sticking to the 1500 and doing some sports. Results should come in a couple of weeks.
      I don't care for losing mass, I don't need to weigh less, I just want to lose body fat and I am happy I found out the number.
      That's all for now, hf!
    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      Couple of days wrapped up in one. Not from laziness. Scratch that. It was from laziness. I even didn't feel like typing today. That's thy I did it, to break the bad habit.
      So on 26 I had 4 sessions, two were 1 hour, two were 45 minutes. It went amazing. I felt good, I think I played according to strategy, results were quick to follow.
      On 27, like, more of the same but I played two sessions, one was one hour, the other was 30 minutes. Still I played with a cool head. I was pretty happy with my game.
      Except for me calling too much river bets with second best. I will have to review such hands specifically, assign ranges, make a sticky note, something to remind me not to do it so much.
      And here comes today. Today was one of those days where one questions himself why exactly is he playing this game. I had two set over sets (I had the lower set obviously), I constantly ran into the absolute top of the fishes' ranges, like “Oh, KK, 60/40 fish wants to stack, bam, AA”. Few hundred hands after this – again. Oh, what can one do, happens all the time, I guess.
      Not only that, I wasn't getting paid with my good hands, I paid them some money I could've definitely saved.
      I try to look at this as a learning example and not worry for results. I am trying to make this a habit. Just stick to the strategy, regardless of results.
      So today I played a bit more than two hours, I give myself 10/10 on both for mental endurance vs all the shady stuff that was happening. Strategy wise, I think I deserve 7/10.
      So a note for tomorrow – review losing hands, see bad patterns, correct them.
      I also watched some videos. There was this clip from Lemon-something dude. It was super good. Sadly I can't process so much info and I was overwhelmed. I watched like 26 minutes. He spoke of so many things that I could do in my game that I lost track and stopped watching. Will definitely rewatch and learn.
      Thank you, whoever is reading, gl hf gg!
    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      I did a review of the last 15000 hands with HEM filters Hero call Turn and another one, Hero call River.
      I was struck with the results. When I was watching the hands, I could not believe I've played them. I've been paying them so loose on turn and river. Not believing they've got it when they bet in me on multiple streets.
      Not good play. I've got enough game issues following a set strategy, I should not be trying to invent new ways to play the hands, just as prescribed.
      I won't bother to post the hands here but I saw a clear pattern and will try to eradicate this loose calling from my game.
      So those couple of days it's easter in the orthodox countries such as the shithole that I reside in. Yesterday I went to work but I didn't play. I just reviewed the hands and I was disgusted with my play, lel. So next week I will step on the tables.
      I will probably reduce the tables number in order to look for the spots I am playing stupid and watch diligently.
      It's all fun and jokes, isn't it? Stay cool and hf!
    • badk1tty
      Joined: 14.04.2016 Posts: 43
      Hey, guys and girls!
      What's going on, beautiful people of this wonderful community?
      I will just pour my thoughts and ramblings on the last few days.
      First, the nice things.
      I pushed myself to play longer sessions. Yesterday I had two, each was 1.5 hours. This was impossible for me just a week ago. I am happy with this progress.
      Second, I watch poker content daily (unless I am not at work but with my family, then I don't, lel). I also read some poker material by Dusty Schmidt. They are amazing. Full of those nuggets of information that makes one go “Wow!”.
      Third, I am trying to play a game that is less mechanic, with more thinking in the lines of planning the hand, thinking of ranges, if I am dominated or not, those things. I am having mixed success but whatever. This feels like the way to go.
      Oh, I have adopted the mindset where I lose a hand with 95% equity and I just think "Screw that, I put it in good, that's all that's relevant here!". I don't sweat it, I don't feel cheated anymore, I feel calm and collected when the hammer drops.
      Those were the good things.
      The bad one is the low volume. I can't help it though. I am doing my best to play sessions but time is the limiting resource. Less volume means less situations to think, higher variance, less profit, you know the drill. Alas, I can't help it, that's the situation.
      Bear with me, I will post a monthly graph around the 15 of May or so.
      All in all, I am content with the direction of my game. I have tons to improve, as usual. But with time and effort from my side, I will make the good habits needed to crush the games up to NL100 at least.
      See you around, hf!