Well, I remember, one day I asked about the Poker-Edge software use. Since it is forbidden on most poker sites, I asked Titan support, and got their answer, that they see nothing wrong with it. Well, in any case, I decided not to use Poker-Edge.

But yesterday playing MTT and seeing my MTT skill needs much more improvement, I asked about possibility to use ICM while playing - that is pohibited on most poker sites too. And to my great surprise, I got almost the same answer:

"We do not recommend or deny the use of such software as this is not ours.".

Then "blablabla", "we won't be responsible if you'll get a virus or smth". But the main fact is, that they don't prohibit it too.

No word about prohibited software in their website. As You can see, support tell the same. So did I got it right - in Titan You are free to use ANY poker software?

ICM could help me a lot, I think :)