6 player SnG's

    • justbor
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      Hey well one of my first posts, I play on mansion, and found those 6 ply sit and goes, 1st takes 70% and 2ed 30%. I found it quite interesting, and I really feel like I am killing the 1$+20, calculating my roi is around 50% which I think is ok. I would like you opinion on those sit and goes , what you think, suggest me and what to do next, what you play etc....

      Thx for reading this :)
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    • viewer88
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      I played around 700 of 'm, and they are definatly beatable.

      Especially the "beginner" tournaments on Ipoker. The "havana" 5.50 is a fishbowl.. you cant imagine how soft the field in those games are.

      If you are past beginner status (played longer then 3 months on that client) I would advice to start playing regular 10 player sit'ngo's though. I find them to be equaly beatable + you can multitable easier (8 was my maximum for 6max sng's, while 14 tabling 10player sng's is equaly possible).
      Or you can start clearing the bonus on Titan (also on Ipoker network) and enjoy 3 more months of beginner status.

      Also, the 10seaters have lower variance since you can dance around the marginal spots a bit easier :)
    • thegrifter22
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      I love playing these and actually paid for my first 2 years of college by playing $12+1 and $22+3 6-Handed SnGs on Pokerstars and Full Tilt.
      I haven't played on any of the iPoker sites but I've heard their field is very soft and easy to beat.
      The key to remember is that when youre in a 6-handed game, even when you're short stacked, not to panic becaue 1 or 2 double ups and you can be chip leader due to their only being between 9000-12000 chips in play