Online Poker Schools (PokerVT, Cardrunners etc)

    • Jonaton
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      My wife who is signed up here and has been playing a lot lately has an interest in looking into one of these services as a birthday gift. I was just wondering if anyone has used or is using any of these services and whether or not they feel it is/was worth the investment.

      The 3 she is most interested in, in order are, PokerVT, Cardrunners and PokerX factor. She has already read all of the articles here to the level she has acheived as well as anything else she can get her hands on.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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    • TimothyVdp1
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      I think that u don't need them untill u play NL100-NL200+
      btw, there are lot's of great video's on pokerstrategy too ;)
    • Grimzor
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      I think its good idea. Cost for them is usually low and you would gain from it in long run imo. PS has a lot of good material so for most players its enough. If you have looked through all of it and want more educational material i think its great idea. Education can never be too much :)

      Think best are cardrunners and deucescracked.

      btw. I havent taken those - just from what i hear, see on forums like 2p2, here. Have thought about taking cardrunners myself, but so far havent gone through all PS material yet.
    • dzejkej
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      1) for cash games - DeucesCracked and then CardRunners
      2) for MTT/SNG - PokerXFactor

      PokerXFactor are for MTT/SNG players. There is not much cash game material at all.

      On the other side DeucesCracked has 95% material about cash games. There is one SNG series and several SNG videos. During last couple of days two new instructors were hired - one SNG and one MTT, but it will not be close to PXF in that area anytime soon :) .

      If you want some SNG videos, more MTTs and a lot more cash games videos at one place for one price - Cardrunners is the way to go :) .

      I would recommend trying the 7 day free trial on DeucesCracked site. When it is free, why not looking at it :) .

      And I do not agree, that it is for NL100+ players. Nowhere near. There is a lot of useful videos/series on all sites that were created for low/small stakes players.

      I have tried 6 training sites, so it is my personal experience :) .
    • Gerv
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      Anyone know if there are Shortstack videos ^^ on DC/CR/Xf
    • kukkiwonBG
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      There are some: How to play vs. shortstackers, but some of them are very stupid.
      But is all ok. More money for us :P