Recently I have been playing live poker in some club for prizes, no actual real money rewards.
The structure is NL holdem unlimited re-buys until 8th level + 1 add-on.
the starting stacks are 10k, re-buys 10k and + add-on 15k. blinds level up every 20 or 30 minutes.

There are many players, some are complete fish another are a little bit thinking what you may have.
Some are tight some are lose.

I want to ask about some particular spots.
for example in early stages when you 100-200BB deep I open 4x raise from MP with AQ and often I get 4-5 callers. is it wise to open 4x then?
They say that if 2 or 3 players called, it is profitable to call for others with marginal hands because of all dead money in that pot is it true? Because when I raise I want to get 1 max 2 callers.

And the other question that fallows. IF I have that AQ and flop comes like 2c6c7d, even If I am vs 1 or 2 players. Should I cbet? Because they fold to cbet almost non existing because they think, that if you play tight you often miss the flop and you just bluffing. Often they may hit the flop because any 2 cards can be in their range so basically should I only bet for value and fold the hand if I miss? If its correc then I have another question:

I have AcQh and the flop comes like QJ9 all diamonds. 2-3 players left after the flop. 2 checks I c-bet both of them calls. the turn card is like 6h.
from my perspective they allready can have a flush and somep layers just slowplay them even its a low flush. Some can have a draw. Some can have queen with worse kicker. twopairs are possible too and even second pair is possible, even streightdraws sometimes possible. Most of the time I am ahead.
2 players check to me again, I bet another player raise, and the other one calls his raise. What should I do? Even in those spots I win the pot pritty often but I dont know how often. Should I give up the hand??

of course there are much more variables to consider but the main general question is how to avoid those situations and how to know if you are beaten against 2pair with TPTK.?