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full tilt poker rakeback

  • 6 replies
    • Kruppe
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 2,145
      once a week, friday for me. volume doesn't matter.
    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi benukas,

      all PokerStrategy players receive a rackeback of 27% on their net rake.
      to calculate the netrake, Full Tilt substracts purchases in he shop (about 0.005$/point), cashout and deposit coasts that occur on FTP, overlay per player in tournaments in which FTP has to add up to reach the guaranteed prize pool and ollected bonuses from your gross rake.
      The rakeback is paid out once a week on friday.

      Best regards,
    • ksh198
      Joined: 08.12.2008 Posts: 226
      I got 600 Strategy points at pokerstrategy and about 4000 FTPs and I still didn't get my rakeback. I started to play at 30th Decebemer. Any clue when I will get it? My friend told me he could get a deal where I get rakeback every day... don't really wanna wait more.. so slow to build bankroll without it. Also I wonder how much I can expect as rakeback, I cleared the 50 dollar bonus and didn't play any FTPs tournament or bought FTP things. If you see this please send it as soon as possible~

      Best regards ksh
    • ARIBAS
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 3
      Every single PS player in FTP should be receiving the rakeback? Even those that chose the starting capital option when opening their accounts?

      I did choose the starting capital... And during some tima I did recieve some small credits from FTP that I supposed were rakebacks... but that stopped after a few weeks.

      Thought I was not supposed to receive them cause I chose the starting capital option...
    • LuborC
      Joined: 20.04.2008 Posts: 1,243
      Nope, definitely everyone should get rakeback. I got the 50$ to FTP, too, and I'm seeing the nice message popping up every friday.

      Maybe ksh198 didn't get any rakeback so far because he was clearing the bonus and as Chiller said that gets deducted from the rakeback.. He will also go broke pretty soon if he cleared the bonus in 6 days. But he probably knows that. ;)
      And if you are still palying a lot and not spending the FTPs not cashing out etc. you should be getting the rakeback. I really don't know what might be the problem here.
    • ksh198
      Joined: 08.12.2008 Posts: 226
      I didn't clear the bonus in 6 days I cleared it in 30 hours xD Maybe you are right I might go broke but if it's true about rakeback I got a pretty big one wating for me, then I will have BR to start BSS at NL10 like I want to play. but I didn't lose everything yet, I'm just playing alot. I'm used to play computergames all days and poker is almost same.