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I don't give a luck

    • TomClassy
      Joined: 06.05.2015 Posts: 673
      Don't know where to start.
      I think I just write a piece of my lifestory and elaborate on the "epilogue" some time later to make it more fun. By the way I had never had a blog before.

      First of all, as many of other poker juniors I start it to improve my lifestyle and my game. Anyway I will try to make it interesting at least for some part of the audience.

      My story

      My name is Artem Sukhov. I am 22 y.o. and I am from Russia. Last year I obtained a bachelors' law degree and got enrolled to a master's programm. I actually never felt like living a doom boring life consisting of daily job responsibilities and weekend hangovers where I have a modest prospective to buy an average car and apartment and to become a person which narrows his outlook to what he sees on the way from home to work/ from home to bar or dacha and vice versa. Eversince I was 16 I have been looking for something I fell in love with for a lifetime and dedicate my life to become good at it. However, the fact that I couldn't seriously get hooked by anything made me really think that everything is achieved in life only through a great senseless effort and I became dubious that I should keep looking for a lifetime passion and have to just pursue a normal vapid life. Where I was right about the effort requiring to climb to the top of any "rock" I was happy to find out that I was wrong about the rest.

      I have been familiar with the game since I was may be 15 y.o. when my dad took me to a Moscow casinos which had been yet legal at that time. I watched how my father played but never perceived it as a serious game since I knew my father liked everything about the gambling industry and it was just a part of his regular gambling entartainment. Generally to accertain our own identity and protect our beliefs we tend to sort things putting them into certain categories (especially when we are young as I was then), thus I would say that my father became the person who backed me up from recongnizing my real passion.

      When I finished my studies I started working at Roscosmos (Russian cosmic corporation) at the law department but I didn't like it and wanted my life to start changing even more.

      Now comes more interesting part.
      Coincidentially, at the peak of the disappointment of my life perspectives (it was just about a year ago as you can as from the date of the registration on the pokerstrategy forum) I got a spam mail from Pokerstars offering me to play 10 0.5$ tournamets for free. As far as I remember I first got lucky and won about 25$ and had a commonplace feeling "I beat it and I can earn some money" but lack of "bankroll management" knowledge lead me to losing all this money. I didn't care much coz I by the time I lost them was into the game and started having serious thoughts about improving my game and approching the level when I can earn for a living through poker.

      Nevertheless, I had the community around me that had nothing to do with poker and moreover everybody attacked me when I was trying to make allusions about poker career. I also have some hobbies like filming and editing music videos and also had small business project which I was invited into in summer. So I decided to quit the job and try to turn the hobby into profession and If it does not work, I would try the project. By the end of 2015 year I realized that neither of them would work out coz I didn't have passion for both.

      It all ended at the end March when I got left with no money just studying things I didn't plan to use professionally in the future. Unfortunately, during last year I didn't have any reasonable time to improve my game so I could earn for a living. That forced me to start looking for a job to make ends meet and simultaneously have time to do poker stuff (at least to study theory and analyze hands). I found one at the Moscow hotels as a night shift auditor. Can't say that I have much time now since I still have a lot to learn and bring the process of carrying out job responsibilities to automaticity but I still feel like it is the best way to earn for a living and allot my time between doing my job and studying poker even now.

      My goal
      My main goal at the moment is to make my hourly rate at poker more expensive than at my job so I can quit the it and start doing just poker for a living. 1/1.5 ratio in favor of the poker profit should be fine because I also get an extensive social package in the company I work for and my parents who are basically against poker borrowed me 15000$ to add up to the sum for a separate apartment and promised to not claim them soon if lead "a socially acceptable lifestyle" which of course does not include playing poker professionally)

      The most interesting question : what is the shortest period of time for my achieving the goal???? - 6 month, 1 year or more? My average salary is about ***-****$ (far not the lowest one in Russia by the way) and it allows me to live a normal daily life: go to bars on weekends and occasionally buy new shoes - who doesn't want more? That is not the point of course because I mainly want to change my lifestyle to the one of professional poker player.

      With your help and support I hope to make as quick as possible.

      About poker

      As for poker itself, during the time I was in search of myself I played just 0.5$ STT SnGs 9max and recently started playing 1$ STT SnGs but I haven't accumulated enough statistics to make a conclusion on how profitable I play. Anyway, I think I am moving in the right direction.
      I plan to add MTTs in the future (don't know when yet so may be some of you will advise me on this matter).
      I also play some live poker for small buy-ins (created some initiative group from the Russian pokerstrategy forum community).

      Off topic

      For those who read the "My story" section I have to tell that my life had much more than that (even unnecessary things to exp.) but I may be tell some part of it in the fututre in case people will be interested in it.

      Apart from that, when I came to a poker world, I also started having a nostalgia about math because this was the only subject (+physics) I liked at school. Now I am studying basics of combinatorics and ToP and may be sometime in the future "math hobby" will have some fruits. Who knows? Just don't stop it.
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