Starting from the bottom again, this time better and with experience

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      Hi guys!

      Been a long time member of PokerStrategy (ever since I turned 18 :f_biggrin: ). Always lurked forums with some short breaks but was never to active. I can't even remember if I had any blogs previous to this one.


      I was introduced to poker by my classmates who suggested to try out freerolls. I did that at some random Microgaming skin but had no success. I tried, I tried and I tried couldn't cash in a single tourney! I don't think I knew what tilt was back then but I definitely had some of that blood boiling then. ''Fuck freerolls,'' I said. Only problem was - I had no money as I was a highschooler with no job and not very rich parents.

      Some time passed and I decided to try google searching some poker strategy. I found a website in my native language (probably can't name it but it rimes with Bonkr), read every single strategy article there was and took excessive notes. Unfortunately I didn't know any of the terms or what difference is there between Limit or No Limit Hold'em. What an idiot, right? That just meant that I needed to put a lot of work in just to get to basics.

      Just as I read about the basics I stumbled upon some guys that blogged about going to Vegas that summer. They rented unbelievably sick house, played poker to earn money and lived carefree lifestyle. I later learned that one of those guys staked rest of them and payed for the house. He ended up losing tons of money in that trip. But nevertheless - I was hooked. The dream was born.

      Some time later a friend of mine suggested to try out PokerStrategy. They give you $50 for free to play on Full Tilt Poker. 'No way that is true,' I remember thinking back then. Who would just give you free money to play cards on the internet with?

      I got home, typed in my browser (I think Google Chrome was already out back then) and almost crapped my pants. It's true! I made an account, got $50 a bit later and now I just needed a plan. I decided to try out 9max SNG's since I thought I would enjoy them most since they are quite similar to MTTs and 1/3 of the field gets paid - woohoo!

      I wish I had anything close to the drive and work ethic I had back then - I took notes on every PokerStrategy article, every video I could get my hands on. I think I had 10 notepads full with notes written down. My journey started fairly well, I believe I was up a small amount. Obviously I bragged about it every chance I got in school.

      Unfortunately I was nowhere near as good as TwiceT or anyone else I looked up to in forums. I put in work so I should be fine right? After a couple of months I busted the roll (can't remember how exactly).

      I took me lots of trial and error. I think I tried almost everything from SNGs to 5card draw cash. Through my many ups and downs I found my niche in HU SNGs. They were awesome. You battle and the best guy wins (well, sometimes at least). I had a rush, it was my game. HU SNGs are the only ones I've had some decent success with in poker playing up to $50 levels (mostly 20s and 30s, though).

      A whole another world opened to me when I first played live cash games. I couldn't believe how soft the games were. It was like what guys described pre-2006 games were online. People didn't have a f-ing clue of what they were doing! I felt like a king (granted it was £1/£1 cash game...).

      I had good success at the live scene in UK by my standards (I did earn more than minimum wage every month I played seriously). I played a lot of £1/£2 later, tooks some unsuccessful shots to £2/£5 in London as well. I've played against certain Premiership football players that were out drinking some nights (I won't name names or which team they were on but some say that this team is currently on top of p-ship leaderboards).

      As soon as I had more money than I've ever had (thanks to live poker) before I decided to just party like an animal and travel around (only Europe, though). I played some poker once a week on Fridays but spent those earnings on drinks later on. Definitely had some fun times but didn't make the right financial decisions.

      Thankfully through a site called Edgebet I was able to stabilize my finances with sportsbetting but didn't really have anything left for poker. No motivation to play either. That changed recently though.


      So I just deposited to $100 to PokerStars (F them but they do provide most games with the best software) and I decided to try and return to basics. Yeah, I'm talking 'bout 9max SNGs! Starting from the very bottom - $1 buy-ins. But I'm having so much fun once again and I don't know why. I've decided to improve as well as I will definitely start studying again.

      After first 100 games I am running good with 13% ROI (on par with EV). Will post graphs every 250 games, I think.


      [ ]Play 1500 $1 9 max SNGs until end of May.

      [ ]Move up after that.

      [ ]Enjoy poker.

      [ ]Enjoy life.
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