Bonus Points/Strategy Points ?

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    • la55i
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      Hi mathkid,

      Those are the same thing. The "bonus" points I mentioned in your earlier thread are just normal strategy points we give you on top of what you get from playing. You can see your strategy points from here. There you will have a list of poker rooms and on the bottom you will have points you got from

      Can you see your points there?

    • Marta
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      Hello mathkid,

      I can see you're from the US. This means that you will be only eligible to get the Bonus StrategyPoints, not the "normal" StrategyPoints that you earn through playing on one of our partner rooms.

      You can get the bonus SPs by buying them (buying a status = buying Bonus StrategyPoints)
      Or you can get them while posting on our forum. We are running a hand discussion promotion where you can earn Strategy Points just for discussing poker (5 per day).

      The points should appear on the page linked by la55i above.

    • redjoekim66
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