So New That I Rather Quietly Read than Comment or Make Posts... till NOW

    • voddies
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      I guess at some stage of the game ones mind just needs to be cleared from all the training you've been getting, all the comments (good and bad) such as:
      discussions about your play
      what you should play or have played
      "how on earth could you play THAT?!"
      the congrats on winnings
      the famous "ul" when you loose / fold what seemed (or would have been in the end) a good hand - was I unlucky? or do I just not 'get it fully yet'?

      And so I find myself starting my Blog postings today. It seems to work really well for my fiancé in his Poker Game Play (my biggest mentor and one of the main sources of advice and guidance that has taught me so much so far).

      All in all... since joining up with Poker Strategy, my evenings of just fun gaming have turned into studies before play, manuals open during play to make sure I play the right cards at the right time against the right odds... in position ofcourse!

      It's been a wonderful learning curve and anyone who ever tells me that Poker is a game of luck might get more than just my usual silent smile and "ok, if that's how you feel" type of comment... lol

      I used to enjoy my Blackjack for many years (since teenage days) and only very recently started studying the game of poker and playing it occassionally too when I eventually get decent cards to play - measured my odds, opponents still in hand, my POSITION... etc.
      It was over the past two months that I really got hit by the bug of Poker interest too and I've come to love a new game. :)

      At present I can confidently say that my continuous interest, desire to become better at Poker, and the enjoyment thereof is thanks to 3 main sources of influence at this stage:
      my Fiancé, (uncle) Doyle Brunson - the man who has influenced our way of seeing Poker and taught both of us a lot thus far; and then Poker Strategy with study material of note that has lit up so many lightbulbs in my mind :) .

      I decided to introduce myself to all the Poker Strategy members today only, so that I could just find focus again and in the hope that I would just start feeling positive again... the past nearly 48hrs have been the worst ones ever for me on the tables and in any and every tourney entered. Guess I hit tilt badly, right? Though it's only been 48hrs, I am actually fedup with feeling this way and really want to go play at the tables again...
      And to think that earlier on that day (before the 48hrs hit me), I had come 34th in a tourney of over 6000 entrants plus went to a live tourney that same afternoon where I ended 3rd.

      Well.. pleased to meet all the fellow Poker Strategy Forum members :D
      Thanks for reading my intro and all the blabber I jotted down to just get things off my mind... I actually feel better already :)

      Thinking I will just sit here and type on a normal document for a while till everything that is spinning around this brain of mine and causing me to be totally distracted to this extent of dispondency and then refocus and get back to the game. And perhaps make one more posting for the day where I can share the road that I have travelled thus far and things I've learned, had to unlearn (like showing my cards instead of mucking lol) and whatever else comes to mind.

      Chow for now
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    • vhallee
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      Hello voddies and welcome to our forums!

      It's nice that you decided to drop by and tell us a bit about yourself :)
      It is also nice to hear that we help you improve your game with our educational materials - I guess I shouldn't mention that you must keep reading, right? ;)

      As for those bad 48h, it happens. Hopefully you will get over that and get back to the tables feeling better :P Also congrats on that 3rd place :)

      Since you mentioned a little about your poker road so far, maybe you would like to create your own Poker Blog so that you can keep track of your career and get feedback from fellow forumers.

      Best regards,
    • voddies
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      Hi Vhallee

      Thanks for your lovely welcome message :)

      I am hesitant to start my own blog but know it is the perfect way to go ... guess I just needed confirmation (or a nudge) to make me actually just do it.

      So keep a look out... there will be a new blog appearing soon people! hehehehe

    • EagleStar88
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      Hi voddies, welcome to PokerStrategy.

      You'll find us all friendly here and everyone is supportive/helpful towards improving each others games, whilst having fun at the same time.

      A blog would be good and helpful to others going through the same stage as yourself, but if your not that confident at the moment it's not a problem, start by reading through a few existing ones.

      Wishing you every success & looking forward to seeing you actively in the forums.

      Good luck,

    • voddies
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      Hi there EagleStar88

      Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I've been reading a few of the forum and blog listings already and little by little start to feel more comfortable.

      I will soon start my own blog, soon soon :)
    • Ka0s
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      This post came from a mindset that has the abillity to become a very good player and improve quickly imo.
    • voddies
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      gl to you! hope to see you on a table so we can put some exercise behind our practices... hehehe... just kidding... you'll probably wipe me out first round lol

      thanks for the message...