Fishing in Spain. NL 2 DONE ! NL 5 winner or give up !

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      My name is George, I am 30 years old ( I feel much older ) i´m from Romania but for the last 8 years I live and work in Spain.
      ( A great country visit, not to work here ! ).
      This means I can only play poker on Spanish online poker rooms because of the laws from this country. ( FK it )

      I play poker ( like a fish ) since 2011 (still a fish ), never deposited from my own money.
      To make this short I had another blog where I tracked my progres at NL2. Started on 25 january and after 3 months I have a decent bankroll to start to play only NL 5.
      I will not go back to Nl2 ever again if I lose almost all the money I will just quit this hobby.

      My graph at Nl2

      I start this blog because I get demotivated so fast and I tend to give up easely on my goals.
      If I keep a journal here and read some other blogs maybe I manage to stay focused.

      My Bankroll : 166 Euro.
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