I don't know why but i can't find my old blog Ectomorph crushes nl2k15 i think it was delated or something . . .anyway wanted to write a post

What's poppin! Long time no hear, ive done long time ago and was really confused after that what to do, anyway i'll write some stuff on my blog again. I decided to write in english so i can copy it to another blogs if i would like to. Since i moved to Slovenia my english drasticly improved but i bet that grammar is really bad anyway :)

I decided to focus on HU Cash games a little bit more, i heard about some guys who actually makes 50k per month playin regs+fishes so it's not like there is no money in that game. Actually the higher we move the more money we suppose to make since we own higher stake tables.

About last month results i didn't make big profit. I didn't count it but its about 2-3k probably so it wasn't good at all, my expectations are around 10k~~ and they should be way higher. Im leaking at the most important thing in poker game which is discipline to improve your game - work ethic. To move higher in stakes i should study AT LEAST 2 hours per day and try to implement stuff which i learnt right away.

I want to improve my mental toughness i know that my tilt is soft one, sometimes i scream kurwa or just hit the table but it doesn't affect my game ( at least i think so, sometimes simply we dont see things unless someone shows them). Anyway im about to read some stuff from Tomy Angelo or Jared Tandler.

Another important things like managing BR and lifestyle are fine. I really do like my life. I train hard 6x per week (3x MT, 3x Gym), meeting really cool girl, have awesome roommates who moves with me in 3-4 months to Thailand - yeah Thailand baby, that's the place which we finally picked up ( we paid money to pokerrefuges so now we got to wait - PLAN IS IN MOTION! ).