cash game # 1

    • qazpoker
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      ok i have been playing about 1.5 years
      i do good in tourney play and s..... at cash
      i found this site about 2 days ago
      so i though i would use the short stack process
      played about 1.5 hours
      tables 3 at a time 0.05 to 0.10
      2.00 investement per table got out when i was over 2.50
      high 2.84
      low 6.89
      at the end -0.71
      this is good for me
      most of the time it's down -30.00
      in truth most of my loss is my falt when i di not stay to the process
      will be back again with a update

      cut off ace jack suted
      3 limpers
      i have 1.95
      pot .45
      fold or all in
      i know should not be playing ace jack (lol)

      sorry for the spelling
      not working on spelling
      working on poker
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    • darkonebg
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      Congrats on your new game choice.
      Please be cautious though, SSS is a very strict strategy. Any mistake or misunderstanding on the articles will destroy your winrate.The strategy articles are pretty strict about AJ, it is not to be played in a novice SSS variant.You should only stick to hands played in the chart.
      Good luck on the tables!