Hand Histories on new NetBet software

    • Benm473
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      Its probably something pretty obvious but I have hand histories set to to store locally and with the old software a file was created for this that HM2 could import.

      However in the new software nothing has been created anywhere. Where does the new version store hand histories I don't have the option to either set or see the location. Appreciate some help on this!
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    • Gam3rONGOING
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      In the NetBet Poker program you will see a folder called data. Follow the links under that folder and you will find the folders History, user name and data. There you will find the folders Tables / Tournaments under the last folder under data.
      As a note I had to put the folder in Poker Tracker manually as it did not recognize where Net Bet stores the hand histories when trying to use the auto detect button.
    • Benm473
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      Thanks Gam3rOngoing appreciated working now.
    • zyvy
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      I did all that and still got waiting for hands
      I'm trying to get it on tournament tables
      It is visible on table finder but nothing happens when I choose it
      Hand history is saved
    • houlajk
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      i have same problem, in settings store hands locally and in PT i have folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetBet Poker\data\username\History and still nothing
    • magze
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      same problem here!

      But netbet support is ready to help you! ...........(or not!)