I was trying to search for good test creation software, and almost found a good one, but it throws error when I want to review my answers.


There are 2 accounts - teacher and student.

It bit takes time to get used, but after I watched video, its easy to use. I watched it in lithuanian, so not giving the video link.

I want a software which randomizes quistions, answers, so I would not pass test just becuase I remembered the order of questions and answers when I repeat that test many times.

Maybe you know some good? Or lets hope they fix that error soon after I emailed them.

Btw I am thinking to create tests from my poker theory summary, and so then take them and learn more efectively maybe so thats why I need it.

Noticed that there is way to review quiz from different link when you go back to list of quizes.

But one thing is not perfect - max attempts is 10.
One workaround is to copy the quiz and assign it again and student has 10 attempts again.

Also I do not like that there is no export feature to a file. If they stop doing service, my hard work is gone. Assuming I create many questions.