Bronze Article Strategy for FL

    • KHS0003
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      On the bronze article for FL, it says don't use the 7 charts for advanced pre-flop play until your post-flop game is advanced. However, in the bronze article, the only advanced post-flop is against only one opponent pre-flop and the odds and outs. Is this what the article meant, or do we still stick with the post-flop play from the basic articles?
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    • Sailer85
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      if you use the 7 charts you will get in a lot of marginal spots where it isn't really obvious who has the better hand. If you do not know how to play correct after the flop you will play these hands in a way that will lose you money.

      That is what is stated.

      So only start using those charts if you have a feeling for post-flop play. If you do not, read some more, watch some video's, study and play some more before you use those.