Wins that just make you smile

    • Jonaton
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      Obviously winning at any time will put a smileon your face but once in a while certain wins are just a little sweeter.

      Playing just a $2.40 sng last night and one guy from before the first hand was dealt started with his crap talking, non stop. Since I tend to like to involve myself in helping any one at the table work themselves into tilt. I gladly helped in mocking him so he took a particular dislike to me. He wasn't a very good player but kept hitting the right hands at the right time, so had a huge chip lead, when we were first down to 3 handed and a bigger lead going into HU play with me 11000-2500ish.

      Needless to say I beat him in 4 hands all of which he spent typing more than playing which made it even easier to beat him. Then after he was beat he proceded to go on about how I just lucked out and he'd beat me 9 of 10 HU so why don't I join him at another table and play him HU for $20 a game. While this probably BR management wise was not my brightest move I just had to and after he was beat for the 4th straight time he finally shut up and left leaving me with a nice BR boost of about $72 after rake. With a BR now at about $410 it was one heck of a nice boost I must say.
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