Hi all!, omg im playing cards again XD

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      Hello, my name is Felipe Suarez, I'm from Bogotá, Colombia.

      I used to play a trading card game called Magic: the Gathering. Some of you may know it since many professional magic players have switched to poker, I guess because the work/win ratio is better in poker, in magic you have to read and practice a lot too, but the most you can gain in a tournament is like 50k. I think some of you may know Julien Nujiten, a dutch guy who won 40k in magic worlds championship at the age of 15, and is now a poker pro.

      I had some success with mtg, earning travels around the world to compete in international events, but I quited last year because I was spending too much time in the game.

      Now I'm planning to play poker only in my spare time, like on vacations and boring sundays :P , I hope I don't get as addicted as I was with magic, but well it would be nice to earn some profit, also v. nice if I could manage to play some day a live poker tournament outside my country like I did with magic.

      Finally, congratulations to Pokerstrategy.com, this is a great site with lot of information, I hope to be around here for a while :)
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