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    • Stangg
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      I'm a returning player, I had some "spare time" around 4 years ago and racked up a profitable half a million hands thanks to a hell of a lot of study (highest I reached was 8 tabling 25NL) and some decent tournament finishes (around 100th in a 10$ 100k participant tournament was my best result).

      I've been playing a little live recently and got the bug to play poker again as my game of choice. Currently dipping my toes back in to get a feel for the micro stakes games with some 5NL rush. Planning on making full use of the titanbet deposit bonus soon to run up a big bank roll and may bounce around the sites to take advantage of each offer before settling back into FullTilt/Stars.

      I know the game has evolved a lot of the last 4 years and I've got a lot of work to do to get back on form so looking forward to participating in the forums. I'd love to work my way up to mid stakes cash games and take some shots at the mid stakes tournaments, though I've really always been a cash player.

      I live in London at the moment and have a pretty good job so I'm a purely recreational player and have no intentions of going pro, though I'd like poker to become my main hobby again.
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      Hi Stangg,

      Welcome to the forums! :welcome:

      Check out our free poker money and bonus offers. By playing on a tracked site, you will start earning strategy points, which will give you access to more study material :f_thumbsup:

      If you haven't already, you could get yourself added to our Member map. You never know, the nearest PokerStrategist may live right next door. :f_p:

      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :f_drink: