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    • htghguuh
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      Hello all I don't know about anyone else.
      I really haven't seen a thread or comment on the ko at poker stars
      Yea maybe a bit similar too spin and f off
      But I think there great value for money here .
      Correctly played I made it that you only need too knock out 3 players and you have your buy in back? ???
      Come in the top 3 and you in profit
      Or even loose the whole game and only knock out 1 you still not loosing
      Any thoughts on this
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    • SDK1987
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      First of all I think this is more suitable for the tournament section or you play 9 mans KO SNG’s alone.
      So I have moved it to there.

      Further it depends a lot how big the bounty is compared to the buy-in how many people you need to knock out to make profit without cashing. Especially the progressive KO tournaments you can even make a profit if you knock out 1 player if he busts some players first, before you knocked him down.

      I expect this helps a little bit, but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,
    • Catonthemat
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      Old thread, but exactly what I was looking for :D

      I currently try and do the $11 bounty on partypoker. Each knockout gives you $5, so 2 and you are pretty much freerolling. So far apart from one day when I went out first hand like a boob have always managed to get at least two people out. I'd say best way is to stay pretty tight then try and isolate smaller stacks just in case they get lucky at least you aren't out of the competition. I have also found that short stacks go in with a much wider range, so if playing tight you should be in a good position.

      Maybe others have more experience of them and have some ideas?