I have a question about the Preflop Raise statistic in Elephant. Maybe it's more conceptual than having anything to do with Elepant itself. My vp$ip is 6, and so is my PFR, because I raise almost every hand I play with (because I play SSS). The PFR is qualified as "passive" by Elephant. However shouldn't it be aggressive? As passive I understand calling/checking, i.e. not taking the initiative, when playing. So basically I guess my question is why the PFR is based on the total hands, not just on the ones actually played.

As for the feature, I think it would be nice to be able to see average stats taken over all players; e.g. average overall fold/call/raise/reraise frequencies for different limits. These kinds of percentages are already available for individual players, so maybe it's relatively easy to make a kind of "summary" page?