I Toss My Hat Into The Fray

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      Hi there,

      I'm Saige

      I'm not completely new to the poker scene. I took a swing at NL Hold'em Mircos a long time ago and did... alright. I played for maybe two months and ende up losing in the end because I didn't respect the variance or bankroll managment.

      Now I'm back and I've realized how much studying I really have to do. I'm making my way through the strategy lessons, taking notes, and learning what I can so I can make my life a bit easier.

      My poker goals right now are:
      1. Make back the original $200 I lost.
      2. While respecting Bankroll management get to NL20
      3. Get to NL50 and confidently 8 multi-table.

      After this I may keep going to higher limits, it depends on where I am at that point, but right now I'm just looking for a way to supplement my income while pursuing the things that I love.

      Right now between college, work, and personal projects I won't be able to do any really serious grinding. I'll likely be playing just an hour a few times a week and then I still might end up bumping a session or two for more time studying the game.
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    • CraftyS
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      Hi everyone!

      So today I played my second session.
      My first session on the 23rd I had a little problem with other players aggression. I wish I had the exact hand to show you, It's been bothering me whether or not I played it right. I'll try looking for it and post it in the forum.

      So I only played two tables, NL2, 106 hands.

      Bankroll: $47.80

      Today I had an alright session. I didn't encounter as much aggression this time, but going to four tables did effect my play and I might only play three tables next time. I only got into 6 max tables this time.

      I played 4 tables, NL2, 275 hands

      Bankroll: $48.71

      I'm definitely noticing a difference between now and when I used to play. I've been keeping track of my position, understanding betting amounts/ when to bluff, and the biggest difference is I'm a lot more comfortable with aggression.Not just opponents aggression, but with continuation betting, bluffs, getting value. something I may need to work on is betting for value ie not putting in so much that it scares them off the turn.