Problems with color marking people and taking notes.

    • Silvos84
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      An issue i constantly encounter while playing on Netbet software is that when i open the hand replayer and try to color code people or put notes on them as soon as i close the replayer or swap back and forth betwen hands the notes /coloring seem to vanish . Has anyone encountered this ?
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    • XxMatadorExX
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      Yes marking players on this site is terrible. If i put a note on them before i mark them with a color then i cant mark them with a color. So i have to mark them first with a color and then put a note. Its stupid. Also sometimes it wont let me type. It used to be better with the old software with the player marking etc.
    • Mobcasinos
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      I hate how they implement their markings. Try to color code them and after a while it's gone. Even hard to make a note since sometime it wont let you write.