Problem with the TAF when registering

    • Blueone
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      Hello, I have just registered, passed the quiz and been approved, but somehow I seem to have missed the TAF link to put in the friends referal name. I seem to have some form of glitch as my work computer where I registered seems to not show it on the registration page ( i signed out while there and went back to the registration page to double check) but I can see it now that I am on my home computer and finished the last of the process.

      Is there any way for me to have the refering friend added? If not is it possible to cancel this account and have me re-register?

      Thank you for your help and i am very happy to be here.
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi Blueone,

      did you visit our website with his referrerlink?
      If you did the option to enter a referrer during the registration disappears.
      Maybe your friend should check his TAF site for your name so you can make sure if the registration with him as referrer worked.

      And our Terms And Conditions forbid multiple account son our page.
      But maybe you should ask the support.

      Best regards,
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Blueone,

      It seems like you were sent here with a referral link - as you do actually have a referred friend entered.

      Best regards