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For LuborC and other PS3 users.

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      Joined: 11.11.2008 Posts: 2,225
      LuborC wanted to know how you set Poker Tracker 3 to show you more
      then just 3 places when you are checking your Tournaments main page

      This is a small guide on how to do it.

      First goto Configure when you have Poker Tracker 3 open. Its at the top.

      When your dropdown menu appears, select configure stats.

      Click once on Holdem Tournament Tournaments.
      the section description shows Summary Of Tournaments.

      Once it is highlighted click on columns.

      On the left side, you will see a bunch of tags, you should see cnt_finish_1
      and cnt_finish_2 and cnt_finish_3.

      Click on cnt_finish_3 once and you will have a window come up to the right
      of it.

      near the bottom you should see a button that says Dup.
      Click it.
      Now edit it so that wherever it says 3, change it to 4.

      so under name, change it from cnt_finish_3 to cnt_finish_4
      and in expression, change it to say

      this is easiest done by just changing the 3 to a 4.

      In description change it to the number of 4th place finishes.
      then click save.

      Your not done yet!!!

      now click on statistics.

      in the left coloumn click on 3rd Place then in the right column click on Dup

      Change the name to 4th place and the description to Number of 4th place finishes

      then in value expression change it to cnt_finish_4.

      Then still on the right hand side there are subtabs.

      Click on format.

      Chaneg title to 4th Place. and in the window below it change the
      format_number(cnt_finish_3,0,true,false) to format_number(cnt_finish_4,0,true,false)

      now click save

      I forget if it makes you do a database maintenance auto here,
      but if it does not then click apply,
      then click on database at the top, then click on housekeeping,
      and run it all.

      then goto your main Tournament page and click on the wrench to the right
      of your stats.

      on the left window, you should now have 4th place under available stats.

      Double click it to move it to the right window.

      now click apply and close this window.

      now click on refresh and voila. 4th place.

      Now i am tired, and this was a while ago I did this last....
      and it took me a few tries of guessing to get it right, so if it doesnt work,
      Ill redo it with a 5th place, and take and post pictures as I go....

      So if this is a must just let me know and I'll go about it that way.
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