Some nice upswing :D

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      Hi guys

      First of all, all the best in the New Year and very good luck at your poker carier in the 2009.

      After some poker brake in the end of last year i was mostly slowly building my new BR (after cash-out all in the mid of 2008) with changing platforms and getting bonuses, i started this month playing where i began (you will know that if you will read my OLD blog) and last two days i a had a pretty nice upswing after 2000hands : + 230€, playing NL50 and NL100 SSS.

      I think after 1year playing SSS i became a stable SSS player on NL50 and my goal in 2009 is to become a stable SSS player up to NL200 and then i ll try to start learning BSS, if i ll have time, but anway, just to clear some doubts about SSS...SSS is profitable for sure, (not so much as BSS ) it is swingy for sure (you must get used to that, follow BRM!!!), but it is the most easiest and effective way to learn poker.

      tAAke care

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