Gto and air

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      Betting a very low equity holding (below than decent overcards) is -ev because villain will defend enough and we will not get exploited when we check and give up because he will never attack our air with air because in his mind and reality we will defend enough right? this is for spots before the river or spots where we shouldnt need to bet blockers (better than total dry board)

      Of course in reality players dont defend their check ranges enough and neither attack checks enough , so we shouldnt worry about getting bluffed but we should look for opportunities to attack these ranges even if its not optimal to do so.

      do you agree?
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    • la55i
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      These things depend on who you are playing against.
      In theory, at first, at thinking player might not exploit your checks because he thinks that you defend enough. But soon he will notice that you x/f too much and will start exploiting this.
      In practice, at least on lower limits, you don't need to worry about getting exploited so much and you should actively be cbetting and stabbing because villains tend to fold too much.
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      @Suboptimal88, could you be more specific? Your post could mean anything. See not even wrong.
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      In general you can bet complete air if you're polarized enough. Let's say you open UTG and BU calls. When the flop comes K72r you probably want to check most of your range (something like 88-KQ). Then you will bet only AK+ for value, so you can pot or even overbet that range and do the same with air (T9s).

      We shouldn't do the same on more dynamic boards. We probably gonna bet around 1/2 pot and most of our range will consist of medium strength hands and draws. Betting complete air here won't be good because we will get raised or called very often. Since we don't wanna bet 1/2 pot with our nut hands (at least not all the time) we should c/raise them extremely big here along with some air.

      Basically we play our air same as the nuts - go as big as possible.