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    • chukky88
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      thanks for answers are doing a great job...i guess no1 looks here to solve problems..
    • eudodo
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      Not sure if it helps but:
      - I think you need to have some money in Titan account.
      - Is the tournament still available for pre-registering? (on Poker Strategy site - home page). You need to pre-register first, later register on Titan.
      - The registration on Titan starts 2 or 3 hours before the tournaments starts (there should be some info)

      Best regards
    • SoyCD
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      Hello chukky88,

      The problem is that you need to have a tracked Titan account over which you have collected at least 1 strategy point in order to pre-register. At the moment it seems that you have not yet collected a StrategyPoint at Titan which means the system doesn't let you pre-register. As soon as you do - you will be able to.

      Best regards