Do not play at

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      I would just like to warn anyone who plans to try this site. Don't do it. I have had such terrible experiences in the last month. First I found out that they stole $65 from me, just like that. And I found that out by accident, if I hadn't found out they would have just ran with the money. Then they refused to pay me my bonus from the affiliate's rake race. And finally, they updated their software and fucked it up so now I can't even log into my account. This is going on for 5 days now and after countless emails and live chats with them nothing has been sorted. They said they are fixing it and will let me know via email but nothing is happening for 5 days. I have fallen behind on rake races and definitely lost money. Now I just have to wait to log into my account and get the hell of that site.
      Never play there!

      Also, I can't find anywhere on their site who is their license operator so I can contact them and try to get their license revoked.
      If anyone can help me find information on's licence operator I would appreciate it very much.
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