Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge with "aw9some" :)

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      Hi all, I'm creating this thread for tracking my progress for the Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge.
      - My starting BR is 50 $ :D
      - My (first?) goal is 1k $ :)
      I think i will try NL 5/10 6max at PS with an very aggressiv BRM :f_thumbsup: also i want to find some pokerfriends and maybe learn some english? (i think my schoolenglish is not very well anymore) :D

      About my self: I am 24, was born in russia (but when i go all-in with 72o i lose :( :D ) and live in germany (till 28th June :D ) and am a Student (at this time economyc-psychology, but i think about to change) with a part-time job. I felt in Love with Poker a long time ago.. but only played without real money and very very loose and fishy just for fun, till i discovered the news about "pius heinz" when he won the WSOP, how profitable it really could be... i always thought poker were more luck than skill to this point. I started in 2015 with 20$ on PS last year and busted them.. and it went like this for a while.. but i think not only because i wasnt good, i think the bigger problem was my discipline about the BRM :/ i started with cashgames, tried sngs (which i like and play ok, i think) and play zoom now ('cause i need some action :D i hate it to play for 1 hour or maybe even 2 just to win 6$ or 0$)
      with this challenge i also want to track my BRM and hear some feedback from you guys to help me climbing up the ladder :D

      if anybody have some questions, just ask me :D

      p.s. if you find some (bad) mistakes in/at/with?? my english :D correct me^^
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