So I got my christmas present from allizdoR yesterday, and it was great. allizdoR had posted that he would like to give away a free coaching session for Christmas, and I was one of the people who signed up. Luckily I won the lottery and we had the session yesterday.

I must say, it is excellent to have someone watch your play and make comments on what you are doing, what to look for, how to play in certain situations etcetera.

In addition we had many discussions on general SSS principals, different sites, using tracking software, making notes on players, strategy at different levels and so on.

All in all a very satisfying and informative session. I would suggest to Poker Strategy that having a section where you have experienced players who would not mind mentoring new comers, would be very beneficial, and shorten the learning curve for new players trying SSS.

Since my session with allizdoR, I have played 1625 hands at +$79.71 on NL50 with a win rate of 9.81 bb/100. I am currently waiting for the downswing!!

My favorite hand was a triple up with JJ vs AK and AQ. I have it in holdem manager, but could use some suggestions on how to convert it to a readable format for the forum.

Thanks Again allizdoR.

P.S. Your english is fine, but I am willing to help you practice whenever you like!!