[NL20-NL50] NL50SH, AKs and TT

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      I'm sincerely sorry but I didn't find any converter for Microgaming but want to discuss these hands very much.

      arakabou1 posted the small blind - $0.25
      bjninja posted the big blind - $0.50
      ** Dealing card to finchybg: 10 of s, 10 of h
      finchybg raised - $2.00
      Stenkyndel folded
      DMF folded
      Jakob called - $2.00
      arakabou1 folded
      bjninja folded

      ** Dealing the flop: 7 of s, 8 of d, 9 of c
      finchybg bet - $3.50
      Jakob raised - $10.00
      finchybg went all-in - $43.50
      Jakob called - $47.00

      ** Dealing the turn: 7 of h

      ** Dealing the river: 2 of s

      We have history with this guy so it is possible that he raised me with a marginal hand. I thought that I have tons of fold equity and if called in the end, I have some outs. Is it overplayed, what do you think?

      Another hand:

      mycash posted the small blind - $0.25
      h1ghlander posted the big blind - $0.50
      ** Dealing card to finchybg: K of h, A of h
      finchybg raised - $2.00
      badtunes2 called - $2.00
      bjninja folded
      mycash folded
      h1ghlander folded

      ** Dealing the flop: 3 of h, 7 of c, 8 of h
      finchybg bet - $3.33
      badtunes2 raised - $6.66
      finchybg raised - $20.33
      badtunes2 called - $20.33

      ** Dealing the turn: J of d
      finchybg went all-in - $25.42
      badtunes2 called - $25.42

      ** Dealing the river: 2 of c

      in such situation when you are ready to go broke on the flop with a monster draw(nut flush + 2 overcards). Should I shove the turn as I did or should I try to get a cheap river and see if my draw gets there? I guess it's ok to bet the rest of my stack because I could force many better hands like 99 or 1010 or A8 out of the hand which are very likely given his flop play - but still I'd like a judge opinion.
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