Heya from England

    • mightygonzo
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      Hiya im Daniel from the UK and this is my first post

      I have got to say i was a little sceptical about the SSS at first. But im $13 up in 2 days so theres got to be something going right.

      A little question though, i had never used any kind of software before and ive started using the elephant in my game now, which btw is really helpful so far.

      How do you review hands for analysis after a session?
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    • bkbart
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      Originally posted by mightygonzo

      How do you review hands for analysis after a session?

      you need to have the full version I believe and you just click on the hands tab, find the hand and the history will show up in the window to the right
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      Hi Daniel & welcome to PokerStrategy.

      Good early start to sss, congrats. Just keep your head and dont be surprised if you lose a bit too, sss is very 'swingy', just keep in mind the longer term picture.

      U.K. have a social/community group set up where you'd be most welcomed to join:


      Wishing you every success & look forward to reading how your game develops in the forums soon.

      Best regards,

      from Hampshire