calculation of rake in bb/100

    • shecky
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      I have made some hands on Ipoker and PS on NL10 and have found something that shocked me
      On PS I've played 27142 hands with a rake of 142.02 euros which is 5.23 bb/100
      On Ipoker I've played 8602 hands with a rake of 116.80 euros which is 13.58 bb/100

      (rake/(hands/100))*BB*100 = bb/100

      After we calculate it with rackeback deals things go a bit better
      with 20% on PS it goes to 4.18 bb/100
      with 15% on Ipoker it goes to 11.54 bb/100

      After all I have to beet 7.36 bb/100 difference
      I know the players are weaker on Ipoker but a lot crazy and unpredictable too and you can hit a vary bad variance with them.
      Are all those calculations right after all
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    • la55i
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      Hi shecky,

      Your calculations seem fine to me. If you play NL10, you will pay rake
      at Stars: 4,5%, rake cap for 5+ players is 1,25€
      at iPoker: 6,66%, rake cap 1€

      I recently moved from 888 to Stars and now I'm considering about moving to a iPoker skin. I calculated that the rake I pay will be around the same if I have a first deposit bonus on top of that normal rakeback. I personally enjoy the soft games more.