Hi everybody!

So, I decided to open my little piece of space here. My name is Ivan and currently I play Super Turbo Heads Up SNGs on Ipoker network. Not registred through PokerStrategy unfortunately. Thats why I have this cool bronze level.

In these HU super turbos blinds increase every minute and starting stacks are 1500. Blinds go up to level 150/300.

I have played 1010 SNGs so far all with $1+$0.05 buy-ins. Here are my stats:
Tournaments: 1010
Return On Investment - ROI: 4.29%
In The Money - ITM: 54.75%

I have lost 4 tournaments due to connection problems (my ISP). It would be great if I could play with rakeback but there are no rakebacks on ipoker :( .

My goal for this month is to reach higher VIP level on BetMostPoker (thats where I play :) ). Currently I have the lowest level. Overall, I want to see how much up the limits I can go. I will try to go up with about 60 BIs for the next level.