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    • patnick1983
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 1
      i play on a site the rake back is more than i deposited. :)
    • Xantos
      Joined: 07.09.2005 Posts: 10,058
      Hey Gredal,

      on every site that we have in our portfolio of partner poker rooms we offer the best possible conditions - including rakeback.
      But I'll try to go into a little more detail:

      1. Our Rakeback Sites

      Sites that offer flat rakeback amongst them are e.g. Cake Poker (just new!) or Full Tilt Poker.

      Sites with great bonus systems (which in the end is not so different from rakeback, but just not "flat") include Mansion Poker.

      2. Why Rakeback isn't always good

      There are small networks that sometimes offer - in terms of plain % - "great" rakeback offers. But you should look very closely:
      1. Is the network suitable for me? Can I play profitable on my limits there?
      2. Is the poker room trustworthy?

      Example for 1: There is the "World Poker Exchange" with 100% Rakeback. But there are very few players at all (like an average of 50) and there are no bad players.

      Example for 2: When Microgaming closed down many of their skins that violated network rakeback policies, many of these skins kept their players' bankrolls. So a trustworthy poker room is worth a lot in the long run.

      The reason for both is that to offer a poker room that is profitable for the players, you need to do marketing - e.g. TV or online. Otherwise there are no "fishes". If you offer too high rakeback, you will attract good players - but have to money to pay for advertising.

      That is why a site with 100% rakeback has to be bad for the players.

      3. How does select it's partner sites?

      Most important: We only work with sites we and our players can trust.

      That already excludes site like UltimateBet, AbsolutePoker or some small skins that violate their network policies. All of them are from our point of view way too risky for every serious poker player.

      Secondly, the site has to be attractive.
      What is attractive?
      I. There needs to be a lot of traffic so you can easily find tables on your favourite game type / limit
      II. There need to be a good ratio of bad players so you can be winning

      By having those criteria, we put together our group of partner poker rooms over years. We don't do quick decisions because we do not want to advertise a poker room just to earn money if then you, our community, cannot trust the site or cannot profitably play there.

      So the main message is: Rakeback can be very good and important, but is by far not the only thing you should look for. Don't become "rakeback blind" ;)

      In the end, our selection of poker rooms covers around 90% of the total poker traffic world-wide - and on each of the networks, we work with a trustworthy partner that we also advise to optimise his bonus and rakeback offers so our community can play most profitable.

      Because in the end, if you do not play most profitably - how would work?