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PLO 6max Preflop Small Blind Question-To Isolate or not?

    • RightMove
      Joined: 20.02.2015 Posts: 5
      Hey guys,

      We find ourselves sitting on SB facing BTN open.

      We hold one of the polarized nutty hands that play well multiway(ABBX suited to the Ace, AQQX suited to the Ace, JJT9ss, A765 suited to the Ace etc.)

      I believe in standar situations this is just a call because we want BB to call and we want multiway pot.

      Now what if BTN is a FISH oppening wide(How wide do you think is wide enought? 70% btn open+?) and stacking off too wide and BB is a reg

      -I guess how tight the reg is also adds to the decision, if he's tight we'll get HU anyway and if he's too lose we want him in the pot so 3b for the purpose of getting HU is not a factor I'd guess so if we decide to 3b we should only do it because we want big pot with fish where we know he'll stackoff too wide and also to take away a bit of his positional advantage.

      Is there a point in isolating the fish with this kind of hands or do we still just call because our hand plays good multiways anyways and plays too poor(not smooth enough) for low SPR which 3b would have created.

      Thanks, help'd be appreciated
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    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,158
      First of all, term "fish" in pretty inaccurate. It doesn't tell anything about the player, and what his tendencies are. Now if you think about deviating from the standard line (which is call) you must have some information to base your decision on. And that information affect the decision, so without it no one can say if you should 3bet or call.

      Wide BTN range doesn't make anyone a fish, especially at lower stakes a good player can open easily 70% from BTN as people fold enough preflop and flop to make profit.

      If BTN is a player who stacks off pretty lightly, why would you need to 3bet and make your risk-reward ratio worse? Especially with pulling hands that benefit from BB call. Now if BB is a good player and BTN is more of a passive call-happy, I would 3bet with those hands.

      People in general stack off lightly in 3bet pots, so the key here is to think how wide he stacks off/gives value on single raised pots.

      So in short, decision between call/3bet always depends on BTN and BB, and without any specific information it's really hard to say which one is the better play.