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Restarting, where to begin?

    • nathanrenard
      Joined: 09.02.2009 Posts: 830
      This is a thing bugging me for a past couple of months now, and I wanted to share with you guys about it because I want a serious opinion from all of you.

      I've shared a couple of success on Poker, mostly live, but I've always enjoyed all forms of it, being it cash, full ring or shorthanded, tournaments, hypers, jackpots, spins, it's always been a fun experience but... I've always felt like I've never studied properly any form at all.

      So I've came to a decision to restart from the beginning and because PokerStrategy has been part of my whole Poker life would really enjoy the opinion from you guys, which is the thread title: Restarting, where to begin?

      I've got plenty of time now, like full days to really grind the art of poker, but looking back at some articles, I've seen some outdated stuff imo, and I know the most obvious answer is: "you should play what you like to play," and I like poker, but I feel like a need at least a new guideline to restart at one specific area of it, and be the best I can at that particular format.

      So I'm asking for guidance, as I've googled my way around, but not sure where the best place to restart, or how I'll do that, how to take old things from my mind right now, and put the new theory inside my head.

      Any tips?
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    • Hesticus
      Joined: 24.06.2008 Posts: 2,998
      I once read that if you have plenty of time, like full days, I would go into MTT's. There are plenty of fish and the prize money at the final table is often sweet :f_thumbsup:

      If you have less time, I would advice to play cash game as this is something constant and does not require any fixed times.

      Hope this helps, good luck at the tables!

    • redjoekim66
      Joined: 29.01.2015 Posts: 94
      If you can grind out points at sites then it opens up the freerolls and even if your making a loss gaining points, the freerolls in terms of statistical probability should bump you back into profit. If not then you need a little more poker staregy time